Millinery Flowers

Hat flowers - beautifully handcrafted. Pure silk flowers made to order - see our colour ranges. Alternatively have flowers made from your own dress fabrics for a really special finish to your or your clients' outfits!

We are specialist flowermakers for Milliners, Dressmakers, Fashion & Bridal Designers.

Many designs shown below are suitable for a wide range of hat styles, fascinators and other headwear as well as for decorating dresses, etc.

Click on pictures below for larger images and more information.

Roses and rose buds

F843/L Rose F972L (5.5" rose) F1332/L Rose F1346/L Rose F1366 Rose F1376 Large peony-rose Rose F470/L F916/L Rose F1348/L Rose F4000 Rose F1362L rose F1325 Rose F1330/L Rose Rose F664/L F4016/L Rose F816/L Rose F1264 Rose F972/L RoseF1379 Rose & buds F870 Rose & buds F797/L Rose & buds Roses F862/L & F863, Bud F864 F1377 Tiny rose Rose F972 F664/L Rose F623/L Rose with leaves


Peonies, orchids, poppies, lillies, camellias

F996 Lily F1347/L Peony F845 Poppy F1371 Large poppy (special design) F1149 Felt daisy F1158 Felt daisy F1353 Orchid F1219L Camellia F1139 Orchid F986 orchid F1286/L Peony F4061 Peony F993 Giant orchid F814 Peony F434 Peony F813 Lily F630 lily F975/L Lily F807 Lily F969 Peony F1215 GardeniaF1195 Peony F1387 Poppy F1395 Poppy F4031 Dahlia F1212/L Camellia F4056 & F807 Lillies

Large rose sprays

Rose spray FS1232 FS4069 Large rose spray


Medium flower sprays

FS4010 Rose spray FS4060 Peony spray FS4011 Rose spray FS4064 Gardenia spray FS4018 Rose spray FS4065 Rose spray FS4014 Rose spray FS4001 Rose spray FS1091 Rose spray FS810 Flower spray FS999 Rose spray FS1373 Lily spray FS1374 Lily spray FS642 Rose spray FS1218 Lily spray FS1302 Camellia spray FS637 Rose spray FS1317 Orchid spray FS4030/DL Orchid spray FS1133DL Orchid spray FS4023/DL Orchid spray FS1390 Rose spray FS1391 Camellia spray FS627 Lily spray FS4002 Flower spray FS4071 Dahlia spray

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